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Where will my donations go?

School Meals. Your assistance will support the education of conflict-affected children in Central Mindanao. Through the school meals, the children are motivated to go to school and stay there. With just P10, WFP can feed one child a hot and nutritious lunch while in school.

Nutrition. Your help will benefit a child’s first 1,000 days – from pregnancy until two years of age. Through nutrition support programme, pregnant and nursing women and children aged 6-23 months are provided with specialized food which boosts their nutritional needs thus improving a child’s ability to grow and develop to full potential.

Rebuilding Lives. Your support will empower men and women to rebuild their communities in the aftermath of conflicts and disasters. Through asset creation, participants are provided with food or cash in exchange for work or training which will help them get back on their feet and increase the food security of communities.